Trauma can be experienced in all manner of ways.  It can be:

  • Physical abuse, a fall or accident, dental work or braces, surgery, scars, burns
  • Bullying, new job, school, home or circumstances, stress, job related, money
  • Heartbreak, loss/death/separation of a loved one, lonliness
  • Fear or dread of immanent danger, illness, witness to tragedy or abuse.
  • And this list goes on.

Some of these life events happen and people don’t realize that they have been “scarred”.  But everything that happens, is stored in every cell of the body, if it is not dealt with in an appropriate timely way.  It can then present, years later as headaches, pain, mental fog, or unhappiness.

Other times, people cling to a life event, and are unable to move forward in life because they are stuck in that past event.  It may have been an argument, where they are unable to forgive the other person.  It eats them up and they cannot enjoy the today.

Clearing off the traumas, even one at a time, will release  tension and anguish that has been sitting festering for years.  It is like a spring clean for the mind, body and soul.