It was devasting to me and my family when our daughter died. Our daughter died, just before her due date. The trauma that rippled through our lives often made the days unbearable.

Loss can be feltwhen there is a death of someone we know or of a beloved pet.  It can also occur when a change in circumstances occurs.  This can be a job, career, schooling or relationship status. Moving house can also create grief, when being distanced from people and places that are familiar.

Loss of independence, abilities and dreams can also contribute to an inability to move forward.

The relief that I personally have received through Kinesiology, and especially Kinergetics, has been life changing.

Benefits have ranged from eliminating the emotional charge around the memories of my daughters birth, to giving me the ability to talk about my experience without turning into a blubbering mess. Being able to work with someone who has experienced a similar loss is a benefit that can only be appreciated when you feel the connection of understanding.