Mood can be affected by many things.  Some conscious, some subconscious.

Mood fluctations and disorders can be present in anyone, regardless of health, age, race, disposition.

There is help available to shift moods, and restore or create a happier frame of mind.

Areas that can contribute to imbalances in the body, mind and spirit, can start to be addressed during a session. Reasons for the imbalances can include:


Blockages in energy fields in and around the body.  Some of these are:

  • Meridians
  • Chakras
  • Auras
Not being fully present

Often when there has been a shock or trauma that has been difficult to deal with, it is easier to hide or run away.  The term "beside myself with grief" is a good explanation of what happens when a person "splits off".  It is like the body and soul become separated as a coping mechanism.  By re-integrating the body, it will enable you to be fully present, to take on life with full presence and with the support of your higher being.

Being affected by external influences

Sometimes the choices that you make are not from your own desires.  It may be that you are living your life to please others. You may have been brought up to do as your told. Or the personalities around you may be so strong, that they impart their desires on you, without you realising.

I enable people to become detached from these influences and be who they truly are.

Past Trauma


Nutritional deficiencies/imbalances

These are often Zinc and/or Vitamin B.  Sometimes they are needing to be supplemented, other times the vitamins are being blocked by toxins or missing co-factors.  I have techniques to release toxins which will then allow the nutrients to be taken up by the body.

Body or Brain Hydration

Some reasons for this may be from insufficient intake, water content/quality or absorption of the water.  Together we can determine which and take steps to resolve the situation.

What will be different after a session

Most people say they feel "lighter" at the end of the session, with an attitude of "I can do it". Seeing that shift, being able to lift the veil, and allow people to smile again, is very gratifying.

Who might benefit

Anyone who is:

  • Feeling flat
  • Unmotivated
  • Depressed

A typical client needing work in this area would be a quiet person, who gently smiles, and says they are fine, but they have eyes that don't smile.  They don't always feel comfortable to interact with people, although, they desperately want to.